The Travel, yet Untraveled

I shall travel with ease,

From north to south

And from east to west.

From the knolls to the hills,

To the highest mountain peak.

Across the vastness

Of the oceans and the seas,

I shall bravely venture

Through the roughness of the waves.

In their stillness

I shall float and rest,

Let the smooth waves

Sweep me softly to the beach.

Pray that I could walk offshore,

And be with my young ones

Now and forever more.

Above the firmament

I shall freely drift,

Rejoice with the  angels

Whose voices so sweet.

Must I descend by His command,

To meet the souls

Of whose time is at hand,

There is no tarry, I’ll be a fairy

To be at their side along the way.

Should there be time

That I must be at land,

I’ll fly like an eagle

Fly swiftly, and swoop down.

Our Light

You are the sun

That shines upon us.

Your dazzling light

Turns dusky days so bright.

Creatures wake at the break of dawn,

To welcome you rise above the horizon.

The warmth of your delicate rays

Comfort us in so many ways,

You are the sunlight

That brightens our darkest days.

Each day in the morning as you rise,

You are like the prince,

Who wakes the princess

With a sweet kiss.

Only could we live in heavenly bliss,

Should nothing obscure your golden rays.

At the end of the day

As you set down,

Faces of creatures,

I see them frown.

Nay, I say to them,

“Do not feel down,”

For behind the horizon,

The moon shall rise.

As it starts beaming,

Darkness will turn into light.