Beneath the Sun

Dewdrops on the blades of grass,
Reflections on the lake like glass,
Spider spinning silver webs,
And a lovely hummingbird
Endlessly quivering its tiny wings.
What a great opportunity today,
To be alive and see all these beauty!
Life is sweet but swift,
Take time to enjoy some days
From sunrise to sunset!

Stars of Fall

The soft winds blow
Crisp autumn air,
As I marvel around the lake,
Serene and clear.

Blue skies sweep the horizon,
Green grass blankets the garden.
Autumn leaves have fallen,
Grounds have become golden!

Many trees surround the lake,
Their leaves fall every minute.
Yellow, green, red and brown,
They all fall on the ground.

I love the crunching sound,
When I step on crispy leaves
Windswept from trees
Of summer winds gone!

Beguiled by the charms
Of falling autumn leaves,
They are like stars shining,
Fluttering as they fall down!

Lastly, as I look down
On the lake so calm,
Is a reflection of joy
With the lovely leaves
Floating and drifting.

The Lot

It was just a lot, engulfed in thickets,

Thorns and what not.

The soil was fertile, water streamed downhill.

The land could have yielded good crops,

Beautiful flowers,  like daffodil and buttercup.

It went on flames once,

All the stubborn thorns

And bushes burned to the ground.

Smoke billowed before the eye of creatures,

Everyone wondered what lies in its future.

Had it been tended to with love and care,

Is a mystery that only future can tell.

Tears poured from the eyes of heaven,

The flames died down, and ebbed until dawn.

In the morning beneath the bright sunlight,

The ground was covered with ashes,

There was no signs of life.

Mother Earth took the lot like a child in her lap,

And nurtured it with outpouring love.

It came back to life again, and withstood

The harshness of winter and summer.

Colorful leaves carpet the ground in fall,

Spring embellish it with resplendent


And display kaleidoscope of colors amongst

the green.

Loved and understood

By not so many of the multitudes,

This lot turned into a domain

Of silence, tranquility and solitude.

The sun and moon lights are it’s fortitude,

The clouds veil it from the human eye,

And delights when rain falls from the sky.

Underneath it is a chamber,

Where one may slumber forever.

Poem for Mother

In the silence of their hearts,

You are remembered night and day,

By your children near and far away.

Today is your special day,

And so we are sending you our love

And greetings of a blessed Happy Birthday!

We know you don’t ask for anything more than just the words, “Happy Birthday!”

This time, here’s a simple poem for you on your birthday!

I remember those days back 

When we were young,

Mother, you were a strong 

And hardworking woman.

You were one of the first nurses in town,

You were a school nurse,

A teacher and a good mathematician.

You knew no rest, you worked

From sun up to sun down.

On weekends, we drag ourselves to the farm.

All work and no play, until the sun goes down.

One day I peeked out the window,

I was irate of what I saw.

Mother, you had the spade in your hand,

You created a garden out of our small playground.

Outside the house we found no more fun,

It was no different than the farm.

To step outside meant work,

So we had rather stay inside and read books.

And for fun? We scrubbed the floors until they shined!

Growing up as kids was not the best,

But those vicissitudes in life drove us to become our best.

As we grew older we have realized,

That all the hard work we did, sustained our lives.

You are not an exception

To the imperfections of a mother,

In truth, we see those imperfections in ourselves as mothers and fathers, too.

We are grateful to have a mother like you!

Who would have thought you’d have raised a teacher, a doctor, a lawyer, a nurse, an engineer and a farmer who knows no rest just like you?

Look at you mother amidst the pine trees,

Do you see them dancing with grace ?

Do you smell the fresh pine scent wafted by the breeze?

Do you feel the warmth of those sun rays?

Look above the mountain,

Do you see that happy face?

The happy face of your beloved that symbolizes

No pain and eternal peace?

His spirit lives in eternity,

He walks with you infinitely.

His spirit lives in that walking cane in your hand,

That keeps you stand steadily on the ground.

Remember to bring it with you all the time,

It will keep you safe all day,

As you continue to walk on the paths of life early in the morning until the end of the day.

Again, from all of us,

Happy 84th birthday on this 17th day of February, 2020!

Finding My Way Home

Abundant was the sky

With clouds pure and white.

Over the hills one eventide,

There I sat and took respite.

The wind was blowing,

Like a flute softly playing.

The trees were dancing,

The leaves went flying.

My eyes began to roam

Far and beyond the horizon.

I turned my head to the west,

The sun commenced to set.

The golden rays of the sun

Looked like an outstretched hand.

Magically it built, a colorful sphere

And a heavenly kingdom!

Darkness descended

And engulfed the valley,

It crept up to the hills

Like specters harrowing over me.

Lost and tormented in the dark,

My heart raced , I could not breathe.

In silence I bowed down to pray,

“Oh, Merciful Father, have pity on me!”

To the heavens, I lifted my head high,

Before my eyes appeared a spectacular sky!

Millions of stars above

Glittered brilliant and bright.

Silver shafts of moonlight,

Illuminated my path.

My heart swelled

With happiness and joy.

He was alongside me,

He never left me alone!

I’m home, I’m home!