Finding My Way Home

Abundant was the sky

With clouds pure and white.

Over the hills one eventide,

There I sat and took respite.

The wind was blowing,

Like a flute softly playing.

The trees were dancing,

The leaves went flying.

My eyes began to roam

Far and beyond the horizon.

I turned my head to the west,

The sun commenced to set.

The golden rays of the sun

Looked like an outstretched hand.

Magically it built, a colorful sphere

And a heavenly kingdom!

Darkness descended

And engulfed the valley,

It crept up to the hills

Like specters harrowing over me.

Lost and tormented in the dark,

My heart raced , I could not breathe.

In silence I bowed down to pray,

“Oh, Merciful Father, have pity on me!”

To the heavens, I lifted my head high,

Before my eyes appeared a spectacular sky!

Millions of stars above

Glittered brilliant and bright.

Silver shafts of moonlight,

Illuminated my path.

My heart swelled

With happiness and joy.

He was alongside me,

He never left me alone!

I’m home, I’m home!