Wonderful Edifice

Magnificent is the edifice,

How stunning and aesthetic!

Rising upright like a king,

Amidst countless buildings.

Multitudes from all over the world,

Pilgrims of numerous sect,

People of different colors,

They all come to witness

Some great towers or an edifice.

Marvelous and wonderful,

Humongous and gigantic!

Precious and exorbitantly built,

Inside, so intricate!

Not that I have gone

To Paris, to London or to Rome

Where magnificent towers,

Palaces or cathedrals stand.

I wonder how it feels

Up close a famous palace,

Tower, cathedral or great edifice,

But I am more amazed

By the imagination and intellect

Of humans who built these.

Unbelievable so it seems

That carpenters and builders

Who’s sweat and blood dripped,

And foremost have lost their lives,

Have long been forgotten

And worse, unbeknownst to one.

Verily, when I get the chance

To visit an edifice known to everyone,

That it is greater to remember

The great souls of those

Who built the famous structure.