Winter Reverie

As I lay asleep on the couch,

I hear these sounds go tap, tap, tap.

I opened my eyes and gazed outside,

And saw the canopies flap, flap, flap.

I thought it was just a dream,

So I closed my eyes to dream a real dream.

The wind is strong, it sings a song,

Blowing and hissing outside my home.

I asked myself, “Is this a real dream?”

For I shall wake up, and stop dreaming.

As I woke up and peered through the window,

The Cypress trees were swaying to-and-fro!

Outside the door as I stood watching,

The wind continued to sing,

Loud and strong, I started dancing.

This is real, it is not a dream!

It feels so cold and it is chilling,

Yet it feels good, dancing with the wind.

I smell the fragrance of the Cypress trees,

Wafted by the winter breeze.

How sweet of you, Cypress trees,

But I must go in, I might sneeze and freeze!